Our Leavenworth Snow trains are once again a great success. With 2 Trains already passed we couldn’t have asked for better weather. Dec 1st was a winter wonderland complete with lightly falling snow and Dec 8th presented clear blue skies with a fresh covering of snow from the storm that week. Amtrak and BNSF did a great job of putting our  train 1/2 hour early into Leavenworth on both weekends and getting us home on time also. If you are thinking about joining our Snow Trains this year, I’m sorry to say it is too late as they have all sold out. If you are planning on joining our Snow Trains in 2008, they will be open for sale in late January of 2008. We suggest you book early as our capacity is presntly expected to be 25% less than 2007 and should sell out very early.