I would like to compliment your company on a very well planned and executed trip to New York City. Your guide, Ursula Pfeffer was fun and energetic and very knowledgeable about the city. We enjoyed her company. The only disappointment in the entire program was the “Night Illumination” tour Sat, Sept. 1 for which we paid an additional $47. The local guide “Zoie” was shrill, giggly and brought her fiance along to “watch me at work”. The real problem was those of us who could not see out the front windows of the bus could not see the tall structures she was pointing out, as the roof of the bus blocked our vision. We drove around in the dark a lot, listening to her describe buildings and places we could not see. The view from the Top of the Rock was the saving feature of the evening. Other than this jaunt however, we were extremely pleased with our tour and would not hesitate to recommend it.

Emily Hollingworth